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In history of water treatment, engineering constitutes a rich scientific and technical adventure whose pioneers were inventors, hydraulic experts, engineers and architects.


The growing importance of environmental issues and their impact on our life has given rise to the need for investments and development of engineering solutions to problems overlooked thus far. The increase in population along with the fast growing industrial sector has caused the deterioration of the scarce water supplies, resulting in the eruption of the need for treating water and wastewater. Fascinated by the rich history and great achievements, TESLA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS was established as an engineering company specialized in water, wastewater, process designing, chemical process optimizing (chemical, mechanical, electrical and control).


Despite its fairly short history TESLA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has managed to engineer, manufacture, install and service over 5,00 sites like water and wastewater plants, factories chemical & medical laboratories. TESLA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS offers fast response, well designed systems with quality components, quick delivery, complete installations, commissioning and operation.

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Our Mission
  • To save energy for everyone in this planet, without the least harm to our environment.

  • To be the region’s best provider of engineered solutions for water and wastewater treatment and sanitization, we will continuously strive to offer the highest quality and optimum services to meet the requirements of our customers.

  • Our services are used to optimize total water and chemical process performance to safeguard our customers' assets and protect the environment.

Capacity Building

TESLA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has trained more 100 young jobless people, how to use tools and install power units, in various villages in Ma'an, and we hired and invested them to implement the project. Many of this young people are employed in energy companies as technicians after the project ends.

Fermentation Project

Fermentation Project

Fermentation Project

Fermentation Project

Solar Energy Project - Shobak, Hewala

Solar Energy Project - Ma'an, Abu allassan

Environmental Policy

TES considers the protection of environment among the top of its priorities and from that standpoint it opted to integrate it throughout all the various aspects of its operations.

TES is regulated by Jordanian environmental legislation and regulations and will comply with all commitments to which the company subscribes.

Having thoroughly reviewed the environmental effects of TESLA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS operations/activities, and considered the nature of the company’s business, financial requirements and technically available options, combined with views of interested parties, TESLA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has established the following environmental objectives, which will be periodically reviewed: More details

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